Over drying Pemmican  

Why Pemmican is a Miracle Health Food

And Hardly Anybody Understands That It Is
And Why It Is

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright © 2009

Most of modern man's problems started with the cooking of food. Why did man start to cook? Many foods were not really edible unless cooked. Heating and breaking large animal bones gave access to much bone marrow, which was not previously accessible. Second, man was able to absorb many more calories from cooked food than from the same food eaten raw. Third, heating killed the bacteria allowed preservation for a much longer time before it spoiled.

Fruit, vegetables and meat all come with the enzymes necessary for their digestion, but when heated past 118 degrees these enzymes are destroyed. Frozen vegetables and fruit have been blanched; before freezing, all canned foods have been heated thus the enzymes have been destroyed.

To digest these cooked foods your body has to manufacture the enzymes to process the food. Enzyme production is assigned to the same system that normally makes immune system cells. Cave men did not have to make enzymes to digest the uncooked food, so immune system maintenance had priority.

As you get older your enzyme making ability slows down. Some say the decline is 13% for each decade past 30 years old. With age this becomes significant, e.g. as you approach 60 your enzyme production is cut by (13% X (60 ? 30)/10 = 39%), roughly 40%. During those same years you have been loosing muscle mass, at 1% per year past 40 (i.e. 20%), greatly diminishing the ability to absorb high sugar peaks.

What Makes Pemmican the Miracle Food for Diabetics? It is NOT cooked. It is dried meat, and If YOU MAKE YOUR OWN you keep the drying temperature below 118 degrees you preserve all the enzymes also the vitamin C. We suggest you learn to make your own, otherwise you are not going to know what is in or is deleted from your Pemmican. Doing it yourself means this is meat that has not had any essential nutrients destroyed and comes with its OWN ENZYMES intact.

Fruits and vegetables eaten raw retain their vitamins but they have no extra enzymes to help in meat digestion. Cooked, canned and processed foods have had many nutrition changes that eating raw food does not. Many of these losses have not been fully determined.

I do not go into tallow making in detail here (boil meat fat in water, let it cool overnight, skim tallow off the top in the morning) because I use coconut oil. My coconut oil research results are sensational, indicating it should be in every diabetic's pantry.

Diabetics Discover Pemmican the Miracle Food Direct from Ancestors


1. Will rescue you from "what to eat dilemma", anytime, anywhere

2. Is easy to carry in plastic zip lock bags in pocket or purse

3. Does not spoil for a year or more (keep it dry) with no preservatives or man made chemicals needed

4. Costs the same as most other meals

5. Is fully nutritious and a man can subsist on nothing else for months

6. Make it yourself, any quantity for years to come

7. Use it as a base for soups and stews; add it to other foods or eat straight

8. Tested for centuries by cave men

9. Does not raise your blood sugar

10. Can slow down sugar peaks when eaten and blended with carbs.

I am not selling it but two low profile folks listed on Wikipedia do. I consider it a "do it yourself" food.

Editor's Note: Do not be confused. There is a commercial beef jerky manufacturer that has registered the word "Pemmican" as a Trade name. They do not make Pemmican; they make beef jerky. When you see at the market or convenience store the large Pemmican trademark with an Indian graphic, it is NOT Pemmican you are buying; just the name of the Company.

Pemmican comes from the American Indian name for the process that has likely been in use for over a million years. Cultures around the world make Pemmican as a way to preserve food for later use.

Pemmican and dark chocolate have changed and extended my life. My information releases about them have likely extended many readers lives.

I have been researching the making and eating of Pemmican for over four years, it has changed my life as a diabetic. I can now explain WHY Pemmican and the process of making it are such a huge health discovery. In reading the history of Pemmican, almost everyone involved remarked that one could live on Pemmican indefinitely without developing deficiencies. The Antarctica explorers, who lived on Pemmican the entire six months, came back in great shape. While those who ate conventional canned food etc. were health disasters and some never made it back at all. Another group lived for months on nothing but their sled dog's Pemmican for their survival and fared well.

Each of these histories verifies that you can live for months on Pemmican (no matter what the recipe). Pemmican is normally about half dried meat and half fat. Other things like dried berries, nuts, cranberries etc are occasionally added as flavor.

Cave men often killed a huge animal providing several months supply of meat but it spoiled in about three if it was not preserved. If they had luck and killed four rabbits, often one or more would likely spoil before eaten. Therefore; I am sure it was not very many centuries before men figured out to if they cut the meat into strips, let them dry in the sun, and kept it dry then they could eat it a year later. They figured out they had to remove all fat from the meat to keep it from turning rancid. When they removed all fat and dried the meat separately, they essentially had what we know as "jerky". [Currently the lawyers insist the adding of chemicals, supposedly to release their insurance company of liability, if the jerky "spoiled" and makes someone ill. Most insurance company executives do not know that dried meat will keep germ free for years.]

Later they learned if they heated fat and blended it in with the dried (powdered by pounding) meat they had the nutritious food; today called Pemmican. If kept dry it would last for years without spoiling.

Some say the American Indians (A.I.) used fire and smoked it; this does not appear to be the case. Only to help keep off flies, did the A.I. use fire until it got semi dry.

One can dry most meat in 8 hours if cut into thin enough strips. My experience with the Arizona sun is that flies cannot take the heat and are not the least interested in the meat is dry; even in the shade.

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